An Old Reservoir Becomes a Modern Home in Madrid



Spain’s Alejandro Valdivieso was tasked with transforming a decades-old cistern into a usable home for its owners. In response, the architect crafted an inventive, contemporary residence dubbed Casa Aljibe.

Translating into Cistern House, Casa Aljibe curves around the cite of the original well. The rear of the house accounts for the rocky terrain, while the glass-ensconced facade allows for luxurious views of the surrounding flora and fauna. Instead of merely paving over or filling up the cistern, Valdivieso elected to shape the space into the home’s basement and added a retaining wall for support. Existing brick, stone and concrete walls were utilized as the foundation of the new structure, and lightweight materials were sourced to complete the build. Inside, prefabricated timber lends an air of homeyness not easily achieved with rougher materials like metal and stone. By Jake Silbert via Hypebeast.

The completed build is located in the quiet town of Alpedrete. In other news, Tadao Ando recently completed a massive 5,600-square-foot penthouse in New York.




Consumer Discovery Show

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Pampers Debuts a New Flat Diaper for Preemies and You Can Help the #LittlestFighters

Just in time for Prematurity Awareness Month, Pampers has come up with a novel solution for preemies who can’t wear diapers.

When a baby is born preterm, parents face challenges they didn’t expect—including some they didn’t even realize existed. For instance, you might have known that many preemies don’t wear clothes in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), but did you know that some can’t even wear diapers? But now there’s a new option: a first-of-its-kind flat diaper from Pampers that allows better access to these tiny babies for doctors and nurses, and protects preemies’ delicate skin.

An alternate diapering solution

Why do preemies need alternatives to traditional diapers? “Because a premature baby still needs to develop, it is important that he or she sleeps with minimal environmental stimulation, such as noise and light—or ill-fitting diapers,” Amy Wiford, Pampers Nurse Specialist and a NICU nurse for 10 years, tells “It is also important to support proper developmental positioning, with less disruption via minimal handling.”

Without any elastic, tape, or fragrance, the diaper is designed to lay flat under the baby to maximize skin exposure for treatments like phototherapy for jaundice. “Conditions that might make it difficult for a preemie—especially extremely low birth-weight infants—to wear a regular diaper include Hyperbilirubinemia (jaundice), abdominal defects and surgeries, and severe skin breakdown,” Wiford says, adding that a flat diaper can help to fulfill unmet needs of preemies in the NICU with these types of conditions, by promoting open-air healing as well as giving healthcare professionals better access to care for complications due to birth defects and/or post-operative care.

Supporting the “littlest fighters”

Prematurity has increased for the second year in a row; the preterm birth rate in the U.S. is now 9.8 percent. “Many people don’t know this, but preterm birth is a national health crisis,” Wiford says. “Thankfully, advances in medical science have allowed many of these babies to thrive in the NICU.” Support for preemies is crucial for research, education, and advocacy programs for these tiny babies and their parents.

For Prematurity Awareness Month this November, Pampers has partnered with March of Dimes to donate a box of flat diapers to every NICU in the country. If you have a baby in the NICU and are interested in flat diapers, which are only available in hospitals, ask your nurse or healthcare professionals if they’re right for your little one.

Check out Pampers’ new video on these littlest fighters featuring Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”—we dare you not to cry! By Tina Donvito. Picture by Pampers.

And if you’re interested in giving back, share a story about your baby’s fighting spirit on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #LittlestFighters until November 17 and Pampers will donate $5 to the March of Dimes—or subscribe for any new Pampers on Amazon Prime from November 11-17 and Pampers will donate $10.



Finding Balance with 7 Fall Essentials

Warm sweaters. Crunchy leaves. Vivid colours.

Our favourite season is in full swing and our calendars are packed with fun festivities to connect with loved ones and enjoy the vibrancy of the season. Whether it’s apple picking, baking pies, sitting by the fire, carving pumpkins or strolling outdoors, fall summons an array of warm scents that inspire reflection, connection and gratitude.

Autumn is in the air! Regardless of what you’ve got planned for yourself or loved ones, we’ve gathered seven fall essentials that are perfect to help you find balance in mind, body and spirit! By Young Living Canada.

What are your favourite oils to reach for in the fall? Share with us in the comments below!