My Dance Shoes Are On.


I am a dancer. Am I ? Really ? Yes I am. I’ve been dancing ever since I could walk…
Why do I love to dance you ask? Because it makes me happy, it gives me the opportunity to express myself. When I dance I don’t feel stress, I don’t feel anything negative, just the joy from moving to some song, and the joy of the energy going through my body.
Another reason why I love to dance is because when i dance and see someone looking at me, and then see them go “Wow!” It just makes me real happy. On the other hand when someone says I’m doing something wrong, I actually even enjoy improving on my self.

My dance shoes, just my normal shoes so nothing special there, what makes dancing special is just the movement. Not the place, not the shoes, not the outfit. Just the movement.

And what music do I like to dance to? Anything that I can feel that has a real feeling in it, and anything that has a good rhythm. My dance shoes are on which is why I’m starting a dance class in a few days. Stay tuned on the blog and social media for more on my dancing series/ adventure: Dancing with Janice. Inspired by dancing and images via free dancing.



A Night Of Art And Fashion


This coming Thursday evening, come join a group of wonderful people, artist, organizers and volunteers for a night of art and fashion in Las Vegas.
artLIVE! brings fashion and art together in a unique showcase to benefit The Modern Art Museum and the Las Vegas Fashion Council at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts on Thursday, January 29th


Purchase tickets here:

Follow the fashionista Madison as she moves throughout Las Vegas to spread the word about artLIVE!

Learn more here:



Most Beautiful Libraries In The World

I came across these photos of the most beautiful libraries in the world. They are breathtaking and remind me of the fantasy worlds in some my favorite novels.

I visited 2 of these libraries  (see below Spain & France) and hope to visit a couple of them in the near future.


Trinity College, Ireland


Handelingenkamer Library, Netherlands


Admont Abbey, Austria


Melk Monastery, Austria


Stahov Monastery, Czech Rep.


Clementinum National, Czech Rep.


Abbey St. Gallen, Switzerland


Bibloteca Geral University of Coimbra.


Library of El Escorial, Spain.


Bibliothèque Nationale De France.


Monastery, Germany.

Have you visited one of these libraries or are you planning to visit a couple of them in the near future? Let me know in a comment below as I would love to hear from you.