Once you’ve been Shellac-ed, there is just no going back!

Once you’ve been shellac-ed, there is just no going back! This amazing nail colour system has got to be one of my most fabulous finds! I was hooked on it from the very first application, which was  grey shade called Asphalt. I have since enjoyed wearing a few different colour variations including Cocoa this past weekend.

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Cocoa is my number one pick for an every day, every mood and every season kinda colour! This amazing nail colour system has not only ensured that my colour stays close to perfect for up to two weeks but because it’s a pore-less system – meaning that oxygen can get through to your nail bed – the health of my nails has also been improved. My nails are quite hard and without Shellac, I could kiss growing them goodbye.

Have you ever tried shellac ? What was your experience with them ? Let me know in the comments.