The Runner In Me Is In Shock Today!

Most of you who read this blog know that I am training for a half marathon.  It will be my 5th half marathon in less then approx 5 years. My training schedule called for me to do at less 10k+ run on a regular basis. I watched the exciting finish of the women and then men elite runners at the Boston Marathon today until shortly after 3 o’clock when a breaking news notification popped up on my iPhone screen. I am heartbroken about the devastating news from the Boston Marathon today. It was supposed to be such an inspiring and amazing day.


I had a regular post planned for the day but it seems insensitive today. To all of the runners, their families and people of Boston… my thoughts are with you all.



It’s A New Day


With so much going on in the last week I have been so behind on working out!! Mini me and I have been battling a cold all week. So today as I am feeling a little better, I will be starting with my walking and running challenge. I know I should take it easy and do it right. So I will start slowly and do as much as I can for about 30 minutes 4 days a week.

It’s a new day!!  I’m hoping that we will not get sick again and see our energy rise again. I just need to tell the Janice inside that tells me how much I want a huge hamburger or cookies to stay hidden.  I won’t be able to run fast if I eat them 🙂

Flashdance is my motivation today.



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Who is with me? Who is ready to start today? Keep eating healthy and working out. You can do it with me. I know you can 🙂

Have a great Saturday.



Train insane, or remain the same

I have been on a workout marathon lately due to an upcoming event..I will keep you posted so stay tuned. In a meantime, I have decided to post a few pictures-videos to inspire and push myself a little bit.

workout6 workout7 workout8

Never, ever give up!

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What inspires you ? What do you do stay motivated with your workout routine? Please share your ideas as I would love to hear from you. Let me know in a comment below.