I do not help my wife.

A friend came to my house for coffee, we sat and talked about life. At some point in the conversation, I said, “I’m going to wash the dishes and I’ll be right back.”

He looked at me as if I had told him I was going to build a space rocket. Then he said to me with admiration but a little perplexed: “I’m glad you help your wife, I do not help because when I do, my wife does not praise me. Last week I washed the floor and no thanks.”

I went back to sit with him and explained that I did not “help” my wife. Actually, my wife does not need help, she needs a partner. I am a partner at home and through that society are divided functions, but it is not a “help” to do household chores.

I do not help my wife clean the house because I live here too and I need to clean it too.

I do not help my wife to cook because I also want to eat and I need to cook too.

I do not help my wife wash the dishes after eating because I also use those dishes.

I do not help my wife with her children because they are also my children and my job is to be a father.

I do not help my wife to wash, spread or fold clothes, because the clothes are also mine and my children.

I am not a help at home, I am part of the house. And as for praising, I asked my friend when it was the last time after his wife finished cleaning the house, washing clothes, changing bed sheets, bathing her children, cooking, organizing, etc. You said thank you

But a thank you of the type: Wow, sweetheart !!! You are fantastic!!!

Does that seem absurd to you? Are you looking strange? When you, once in a lifetime, cleaned the floor, you expected in the least, a prize of excellence with great glory … why? You never thought about that, my friend?

Maybe because for you, the macho culture has shown that everything is her job.

Perhaps you have been taught that all this must be done without having to move a finger? Then praise her as you wanted to be praised, in the same way, with the same intensity. Give her a hand, behave like a true companion, not as a guest who only comes to eat, sleep, bathe and satisfy needs … Feel at home. In his house.

The real change of our society begins in our homes, let us teach our sons and daughters the real sense of fellowship!

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Happy Father’s Day

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A few months ago, I shared a tribute to my dad here: Dear Papa

May we celebrate the important people in our lives everyday. Happy Father’s Day from us to you!

Have a lovely weekend.



Dear Papa


Papa…I miss saying that word, it’s just a simple word that has been absent from my daily vocabulary since 20 years ago today… I was just 13 years old when you left this earth suddenly and there is not a day that goes by where I don’t think about you. Papa, I miss saying it just like I miss you. I miss you more and more each day. I miss your goofy smile, I miss your laugh, I miss your hugs, I miss playing soccer or basketball with you, I miss your early morning workout (100 push up at 5am), I miss helping you fix the car (you use to ask me to help you with the tool), I miss dancing with you, I miss your cooking style (you use to add too much salt lol), I miss traveling with you, I miss seeing you giving my brothers an haircut, braiding me and my sisters (yes, Papa was braiding our hair), I miss seeing you speak in different languages (Papa spoke at least 7 languages)… I’ve always looked up to you and tried to be like you. You were great at every subject, and you’re knowledge and intelligence was out of this world! I will do everything I can to be the best parent for my kids, as you were to me. Although I miss you everyday, my heart is full of pride and joy that we had such a great relationship and beautiful memories. No daughter could ever have hoped for a better Papa.

I will always love you and you will always be with us.

Love from your daughter, Janice

Je t’aime Papa xo