Spring & Summer Backyard Style Ideas

I know I have been working on this for a long time now, but I’m almost finished and as spring is here…it’s time to let you see what I came up with! I found this fabulous idea for my backyard. An hanging bed for a relaxing session or do some reading with my little man. Decorating or finding style ideas for your backyard was a bit difficult, because this process requires having special knowledge. Indeed, there are lots of important things to consider to make your backyard attractive, cozy and practical. If you lack experience you should consider hiring a professional landscape designer. Designers know how to improve the appearance of your back yard and make it more attractive. Of course these services may costs a lot, thus if you are pressed for money you should do everything on your own. Check out some of the indoor and outdoor hanging bed styles below.


Images via topofdesigns.

There are lots of simple ideas you can use for decorating your backyard. The hanging bed is my best way to unwind with my family: swinging on a backyard gigantic bed.

 I can’t wait for the hot summer days! Do you have any backyard ideas you would like to share with us ? Let me know in a comment below.

Spring/Summer Trends: Turban Style


There is a time in every girls life when she don’t know what to do with her hairstyle and want to do something different with the many scarfs she got.  The time has come to use the scarf and make you hairstyle funky and cheerful in a fresh and cool turban style. Turbans style is usual a trend which is the most commonly used during the summer or spring, so you can start getting ready for the summer , since you can make this super cool hairstyle and use your scarf in a cool and creative way. The turban style is very popular among the celebrities so it’s perfect time for you to try this stylebriiity.

See the hottest scarfs and styles below.


Classy and cool scarf by Mango is elegant and beautiful.

You can purchase this item or see more on the official site Mango


Forever 21 scarf

You can purchase this item or see more on the official site Forever 21



Dolce&Gabbana scarf

You can purchase this item or see more on the official site Dolce&Gabanna

I can’t wait to style my hair with  the many scarfs I have, will you ?  Let me know in a comment below.