IDÉLLO Interactive Platform With Mini Me. 

Mini me and I have been using IDELLO’s interactive platform from TFO Media Group for a while. It is an amazing interactive platform where mini me and learners can navigate safely to find entertainment and educational resources in French. Take a look at my first post here:

Our learning sessions with IDÉLLO has been fabulous since my 5 years old is fully bilingual (French & English) super connected…a bit too savy with technology….he uses the iPad easily to find series like Benjamin or traditional songs. One of his favorite subjects is food, he discovered the series of videos Miam, a series that introduces children to cooking with a grand mother. There are many other series that we will use in our daily learning routine. 

IDÉLLO is extraordinary for parents, mini me love watching videos online and it is totally safe…without unwanted pop ups…yep IDÉLLO is amazing for that as everything on the site is approved by TFO Media Group. A site like IDÉLLO gives an helping hand to everyone from teachers, parents and children when looking for an educational resource on a specific subject or in a particular subject. For example, I can decide to see all the resources available for 5 years and under that relate to songs, writing or mathematics. The video series tackles basic schooling in elementary school in French, mathematics, science, technology and civics. PDF files to print are available when needed to accompany the learners, parents or teachers in learning the concept. 

I am completely sold by IDELLO and most of all mini me loves it as much as we do! Have you started using IDELLO ? If not, to get information on subscriptions and get 2 free months, click here: 

I would like to hear from you. What are your favorite series? Send me a note or comments below. This article is presented in collaboration with Groupe Média TFO.





I was invited to try the Idello web platform by TFO! The TFO group is
the same group that created the Boukili application that I had the chance to
test a few months ago. 
When I was asked to test the Idello platform by the TFO group,
I was really enthusiastic about the idea. TFO
Group thought to have created Idello a digital platform for 2 to 18 years of
learning. The content is really great. But beware, there is also content for
parents and educators. Yes videos, but also know that Idello offers games and
teaching materials in all subjects. 
I am at this very moment in full discover of the educational site Idéllo. Do you know this educational platform for teachers, educators, students and parents? Help your kids think outside of the classroom and assimilate their lessons or learn new things with educational content and features made to bridge the gap between school and home. With idéllo, you can create accounts for your kids, and share assignments or video playlists with each of them. 

You’re not a parent? IDÉLLO is intended for anyone interested in education. TEACHERS / EDUCATORS / EDUCATION PROFESSIONALS – ENGAGE YOUR STUDENTS: IDÉLLO offers educational content and resources, such as teaching tools and online classes, designed to meet the needs of education professionals. Are you employed by a school board, school, or a child daycare facility? Check if your employer has an IDÉLLO subscription. You can also request an individual subscription. 

INSTITUTIONS – GIVE YOUR TEACHERS THE MEANS TO COLLABORATE: Institutional subscriptions allow school boards, schools or child daycare centers to create as many student or teacher accounts as they wish. Teachers and educators have access to thousands of resources, among them teaching tools that they can use in their classrooms. They can also manage groups of students, as well as create, assign and keep track of activities (assignments, reading lists, quizzes).

STUDENTS – TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FUTURE Make your own way among the thousands of educational resources offered by IDÉLLO. Explore and browse, or find the answers to your questions. Save the best in your bookmarks, tell the IDÉLLO community what you think of our content, or share our resources with your peers. In order to comply with COPPA, we are required to identify users under 13 years of age. Children under 13 years may be invited to create one at the behest of a parent or teacher with a membership.

Teachers, educators, students and parents: IDÉLLO wants to bring you together.


I’m testing Idello right now, I’ll be back in a few days with what I really thought of as a user. Want to try it ? Do not take my word for it and create an account,
take advantage of the 2 month FREE offer available exclusively
for my readers… yes YOU…create your FREE account here offer FREE 2 months

You will have access to over thousands of resources throughout the period. After that for a small 3.99 $ per month, you will have access to more than 4000 resources and a lot of really interesting features. All information about subscriptions here.  * School boards, schools, daycares can also register. 

Learn about subscription options at: 

IDÉLLO is available in French and English.