It’s a beautiful fall day.

We are home away from home and enjoying a beautiful fall day. It is cold *bbrrrrr* windy but there’s nothing like fresh air, the smell of orange leaves, walking with my mini me with a warm cup of hot chocolate. Yes, we love this weather.


Hope you are enjoying this weather as much as we do. Have a great one. Stay tuned for more news soon.



Feeling Spring-ish

We are getting a bit of warm weather the next few days as spring is officially arriving in 14 days! Can you believe it ! Although I will miss winter (yes I will!) I am in the mood to share some of my spring-ish and  summer-ish songs!

I love this song, its called je t’aime (I love you in english) by Marieme with Karim Ouellet. Ah oui it’s in  french. Have you started to feel spring-ish already ? Do you have a song that just put you in a good mood ? Please share it with us as I would love to hear from you.