Beyonce’s ”Life Is But A Dream”

Beyonce on Oprah’s Next Chapter


It was all about Beyonce Saturday night! Beyonce appeared on Oprah Winfrey‘s OWN network talk show, “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” for an up close and personal interview leading up to the premiere of her HBO documentary Life Is But a Dream (See below). During the interview, she talked about her recent Super Bowl performance, motherhood, having a miscarriage, her relationship with her husband Jay-Z, the filming of her HBO doc and much more. Watch the full interview here (click on the link below: via


Beyonce’s HBO Documentary “Life Is But a Dream”


I watched the new Beyonce documentary Life Is But a Dream on HBO Saturday night, which gave us all an intimate look into her personal life like we’ve never seen before. The documentary chronicles her pregnancy, detail about the miscarriage she had, and never before seen footage of her in the studio and rehearsing. Also, it gives us a first on-camera look at her baby girl Blue Ivy, some private moments with her husband Jay-Z  and much more…

Here are 8 lessons I took away from Bey’s documentary:

1. Know when it’s time to set boundaries.

2. Let other people see your vulnerabilities sometimes.

3. There’s no therapy like being heard and understood by another woman.

4. Women have a responsibility to look out for other women.

5. Women need to play an equal role in shaping our culture.

6. You really can learn a lot from your parents.

7. Pick a life partner you can be goofy around.

8. Don’t be afraid to express your wants and needs.

Beyonce’s documentary was truly beautiful and inspiring. Watch the documentary here (click on the link below: via

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