Cover Girl Nails The Hunger Games

Catching Fire, the latest addition to The Hunger Games trilogy, is in theaters Friday and it’s launched attracted the American beauty brand  Covergirl who launched a collection of nail polishes inspired by the movie. The super vibrant Cover Girl Capitol Collection Glosstinis is vibrant and multi-faceted green, fuschia, purple, auburn, orange and red, each perfect for any woman who wants a mani that’s, well, on fire. And the best part: the teeny bottles let you test-drive one (or all) of the shades and even get the chance to finish every last drop before the final series in the threequel debuts.


Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis (seen here in Flamed Out, Seared Bronze, Scalding Emerald, Rogue Red, Volet Flicker, Pyro Pink, Inferno, Sulfur Blaze, Black Heat), $3.79, at drugstores. Inspired by harpersbazaar.



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