Contest Alert: Win Tickets for Beyoncé

Want to see Queen Bey on Monday night in Toronto ? We’re giving away 2 tickets for The Mrs.Carter Show at the ACC on Monday December 16, 2013. To enter, please do at least two of the following (you’ll get more points if you do all 4)

1) Follow @JaniceAdore on Twitter and Retweet “Win Tickets for Beyoncé” tweet.

2) Like “Janice Adore” on facebook and like “Win Tickets for Beyoncé” post.

3) Sign up for Janice Adore monthly newsletter here

4) Leave a comment below on this post and tell us: Why do you want to attend Beyoncé’s concert.  Please leave your email address so we can contact you, if you’re the winner.

Winner will be contacted via email on Sunday December 15, 2013 after 9pm. Seats are lower level, visit the Air Canada Centre website for details. Good luck!




10 thoughts on “Contest Alert: Win Tickets for Beyoncé

  1. I’ve been following her from day one since Destiny’s child to the queen that she’s now. It’s one of my wish for Christmas.

  2. Beyonce is beautiful for so many reasons. Of course, she is a gorgeous woman on the outside, but it is her internal qualities that makes her such a beautiful person. She is such a powerful person in the music industry, but she does not let her fame make herself lose sight of who she truly is. She is a kind, caring and incredible mother, and her maternal abilities are admirable. The thing I love most about Beyonce, and in my opinion truly makes her beautiful, is her confidence and ambition. Her work ethic is incredible and she is a huge inspiration for me. She has shown me that working hard really does pay off in the end, and that anyone has the power to be confident. Her strength has made me stronger and has made me want to be a better person and reach my goals. Love you Bey!

  3. Bey is a resilient, hard-working, extraordinary and spectacular woman. Her aspiration for excellence is so inspiring to a business woman like me. Being a mother, wife, sister, dancer, singer, actress and all-around entertainer, she has shown the world she can do it all. She is the female version of Michael Jackson breaking records and stages left, right and centre. I would love and welcome the opportunity to see her epic stage performance and production tomorrow night for the Mrs. Carter Show. To be able to see a woman with such grandeur, confidence, resilience and stage presence put on a world renowned set will be a blessing. I thank you for making this contest available for fans who were unable to obtain tickets and congrats on such a great blog! Be blessed. -Re

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