One Day #WithoutShoes


It’s very easy to take shoes for granted…many people, and many children in the world don’t own or have access to shoes. Consider how much shoes enable you to travel, traverse uneven terrain, and to take care of your feet; and go without shoes on One Day Without Shoes Day to show your awareness of and support for those who don’t have access to such a simple but important piece of clothes. From May 5 – May 21, Instagram your bare feet with the hashtag #WITHOUTSHOES to give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. Toms believe in creating a world where we live for one, another. This year, on One Day Without Shoes, They are honoring your commitment to raising awareness for children’s HEALTH & EDUCATION. For EVERY PHOTO of bare feet tagged on Instagram,
they’ll actually GIVE A NEW PAIR of shoes to a child in need — no purchase necessary. Tag your friends and challenge them to do the same like mini me and I…see picture below.


Because the more you share, the more you give.

Check out the website for more deats.



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