About me


Hello and Welcome to Janice Adore!

This blog is a letter to my children and a promise I made to myself…Janice Adore is a diary that I want my son and daughter to be able to view when they grow older but also it’s a creative outlet for myself and to inspire others.

I am a mother, a wife, a multilingual, I have a full time job, a side hustle and I’m a regular blogger. You can also say that I’m social media explorer, pop culture junkie, music enthusiast and fitness freak!

I’m hoping through this blog you will get to know my family and I and more importantly, how I manage to keep going after what drives me… stay tuned!!!

I welcome your comments, responses, thoughts, advice, and dedications. Thanks for visiting and please check back periodically for updates! Hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy creating them 🙂



*For inquiries and/or booking, contact at: janiceadore@gmail.com





*We claim no credit for some of the images featured on this site unless otherwise noted. The use of pictures is for inspiration only. There are pictures from many different websites and I always try to mention my source. If there is a picture that is yours without credit, please contact me and I will put you as a source or delete the image from my blog.  If you are an inspiring blogger and would like to have your work or be featured on Janice Adore please send us an email and I’ll gladly consider your submission.*

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