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The holidays is fast approaching and we know you have not completed all of your shopping list yet. So we have a great contest to spice up yourself or your holidays shopping list.


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Chanel’s Nail Bar & Flower Stall, Covent Garden

The pop up Chanel beauty boutique in Covent Garden will now be a permanent fixture. It is the first stand alone Chanel beauty boutique (Yes ladies, it’s the first of its kind for Chanel!). To celebrate Mother’s Day in the UK this weekend (March 10), Chanel will have a flower stall parked outside their boutique from March 8-10. The mobile Chanel flower stall will feature giant bottles of its most popular scents, as well as the flowers that are at the heart of those fragrances. From March 8-10 you can pick up some roses for your mum along with a personalized camellia card. The Chanel Covent Garden Beauty Boutique also now features a nail bar with giant bottles of Le Vernis lining the walls.
























Source Liana Beauty and vogue.co.uk

Don’t we all (“none UK leaving”) wish we could see this for ourselves. If you leave in the UK and planning to drop by the Chanel’s Nail Bar…please let us know how was your experience in a comment below.



Once you’ve been Shellac-ed, there is just no going back!

Once you’ve been shellac-ed, there is just no going back! This amazing nail colour system has got to be one of my most fabulous finds! I was hooked on it from the very first application, which was  grey shade called Asphalt. I have since enjoyed wearing a few different colour variations including Cocoa this past weekend.

nails20135 nails2013 nails201312 nails201311

Cocoa is my number one pick for an every day, every mood and every season kinda colour! This amazing nail colour system has not only ensured that my colour stays close to perfect for up to two weeks but because it’s a pore-less system – meaning that oxygen can get through to your nail bed – the health of my nails has also been improved. My nails are quite hard and without Shellac, I could kiss growing them goodbye.

Have you ever tried shellac ? What was your experience with them ? Let me know in the comments.




I Eat Mainely Lobster by OPI

Just a little nail post today with my I Eat Mainely Lobster by OPI Nail Polish. By the way, I love nail polish and all things mani & pedi, so you’re sure to see some more post from this as the weather gets a little warmer.
I Eat Mainely Lobster doesn’t seem to shift colour too much in different lighting. It generally ranges from a slightly more salmon-y colour, to a fairly orange leaning colour.
nail polish
Directions of use:
  • To apply, begin at the centre of your nail, approximately a couple of mm from your cuticle.
  • Let the bristles fan out for maximum coverage and with each brush stroke, brush out to the free edge.













How often do you change your nail polish ?
Thank you for having a little look .