Chanel’s Nail Bar & Flower Stall, Covent Garden

The pop up Chanel beauty boutique in Covent Garden will now be a permanent fixture. It is the first stand alone Chanel beauty boutique (Yes ladies, it’s the first of its kind for Chanel!). To celebrate Mother’s Day in the UK this weekend (March 10), Chanel will have a flower stall parked outside their boutique from March 8-10. The mobile Chanel flower stall will feature giant bottles of its most popular scents, as well as the flowers that are at the heart of those fragrances. From March 8-10 you can pick up some roses for your mum along with a personalized camellia card. The Chanel Covent Garden Beauty Boutique also now features a nail bar with giant bottles of Le Vernis lining the walls.
























Source Liana Beauty and

Don’t we all (“none UK leaving”) wish we could see this for ourselves. If you leave in the UK and planning to drop by the Chanel’s Nail Bar…please let us know how was your experience in a comment below.



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