Zip Tie To The Rescue

I have seen this Zipper Tie on the internet and I have decided to do my little research on it. The Zipper Tie was created by designer Josh Jakus, it is a wool constructed necktie and it takes all of your complications away….apparently.  According to the product description: “Business attire doesn’t have to be boring! This clever update to the 9-to-5 staple zips seamlessly around the collar, giving your no-nonsense dress shirt a quirky focal point that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The thick, 100% merino wool felt can be tamed with a simple zip, bringing a welcome dose of levity to this standard piece of office-wear. Hand-cut and sewn in San Francisco, California.”. If you would like one you can order it at Uncommon Goods


I think it’s a brilliant idea for those who are in a rush every morning but what do you think ? Is this for the one who has trouble tying a tie or just the plain and lazy ones who don’t feel like doing it every morning ? Let me know in a comment below.



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