Gucci Lego Clutch


Legos are great for entertaining people, kids and adults alike. They make cool decorations for office walls as well. Now, thanks to the creative folks at agabag, they make awesome handbags, bracelets and rings. agabag took creativity to the next level with their Lego clutches and jewelry. Their Chanel Lego clutch was a winner so they’ve decided to pay homage to another fashion brand with the Tribute Gucci Clutch. The Gucci clutch is the replica of the regular clutch bag except it is made entirely of Legos.

The carefully handcrafted clutch is Lego’s on the outside and a mesh, cotton inside. Cute and a really rare accessory, this clutch bag makes for the perfect gift for a special someone. The ego creations don’t only stop at clutches. Visit the Etsy agabag site to see the assortment of rings, keychains and brooches. These aren’t your average bags. Check the pictures below and let me know what you think in a comment below.







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