The Best Thing You Can Wear Is A Smile


A smile never goes out of fashion. Wear yours every day!

A smile can be noisy. Or just whispered. Exciting. Or hidden. Contagious. Or shy. It can last minutes, turns into a lauder laugh and make your stomach hurt. Or just mentioned, covered with one hand and that makes you blush. There are those who smile with their eyes. Who can be radiant effortless. Who does not smile for fear of wrinkles. Some people say that we are all a bit ‘meteorosensitivity’ … and so, let them believe this is true. Today the sun is shining! … One more reason to smile.

AAASMILE2 AAASMILE3Studio Juillet/Août 2004Dimensions du scan 860x1200150pp AAASMILE4AAASMILE6AAASMILE5xoxo,


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