Home Destroyed By Toddlers With A Bag Of Flour


A mom emerged from the bathroom to find her sons happily playing in a mess and her house completely covered in flour! All which was caught on video…OH LA LA!!!

“Oh my gosh,” the mom says repeatedly as she pans the room. The flour got in everywhere, including the top of the door.

“Mommy was not feeling well and had to stay in the bathroom longer than usual during which my two boys, ages 1 and 3 took my new bag of flour out of the cupboard and destroyed my house,” she wrote in the YouTube description. “This is from ONE 5lb bag. Don’t believe me? Hand a full bag to a 3 year old and see what happens.”

Can you believe this video?!? What would you do if your sons or kids destroyed your house with flour? Let me know in a comment below.



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