Strike A Pose It’s Just A Look…Vogue!

British Vogue. has created a lesson for schoolchildren that will give them an insight into the creation of the fashion shoots you see on the pages of the magazine. Alexandra Shulman, editor of Vogue,  said. “Our mission in Vogue’s fashion pictures is to inspire and entertain, while showing the clothes created by many highly talented designers. They are created with this intention in mind, not to represent reality. The problem, if there is a problem, comes when people judge themselves and their appearance against the models they see on the pages of a magazine and then feel that in some way they fall short.”


The video goes behind-the-scenes of a fashion shoot for the July issue of Vogue, detailing everything it takes to create the frankly amazing images that grace the pages of Vogue. I’m hopeful that this film will give school children an insight into how the pictures in magazines are not reality.



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