Strawberry Christmas Tree!

This strawberry Christmas tree is a must for your family & friends soirées or gathering during the holiday. Plus it so easy to make.


You can use a styrofoam tree or papiermache about 13″ tall. No need to buy one any bigger because the strawberries increase the size considerably. (You actually might want to buy one a bit smaller when you read the rest of this tutorial). Buy an 8″ cardboard cake round for stability and a doily for disguise. 3*one pound cartons of strawberries (ones with smaller berries)at the grocery store. 2 packages of semi sweet chocolate chips.


Cover the tree with waxed paper. Tuck in the ends and tape to secure it to the cone. Use melted chocolate ( you can microwaved it or melt in a pan on the stove) to stick the tree to the base. Cut a hole in the doily and slip it over the tree.

 Separate the strawberries by size and remove the greenery. Dip the large ends of the biggest berries in the chocolate and place them on the bottom of the tree. Add the next layers with the medium sized berries, saving the small ones for the top.
Then scooped the melted chocolate into a small plastic bag, snipped the tiniest hole in one corner, piped a few stars on a piece of waxed paper and popped them in the fridge until they hardened. Using a bit more melted chocolate, you can add a couple of stars onto the top of the tree. Inspired by can’t stop making things.
Et voila!!! Now tell me if this isn’t elegant. It sure beats the baby carrots and onion dip you usually bring to these soirées.




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