22 Days Challenge

I know what you must be thinking… For those who already know, i’m not going to deny it! Yes, I have been inspired lately. Some of my friends went through different “body cleanse” (a form of extreme cleanse diet) and I was not sure if I wanted to do the same thing. Then, on Tuesday..when I read that Jay Z and Bey were doing a 22 days vegan challenge “a plant-base breakfast” everyday… I said: Why not now!

Vegan Challenge

Why not start my own 22 days vegan challenge now with the groceries I have and find different recipe as I go along. Plus, I can always rely on 2 of my favorite vegan restaurants Fresh (Fresh – Since 1999) and Live (Live Food Bar) to save my food or craving days. Why now ? I wanted to do a physical cleanse for a while and to challenge myself a bit more. Also, my birthday was last Monday and it’s one of the most beautiful gift I could give to myself…to simply try to maintain a healthy lifestyle for myself, my family and my entourage.

Pictures via Beyonce and oh she glows.


So here we go! I will post my progress and to the professional vegan, please feel free to share any tips or recipes you may have. It will be much appreciated. I don’t know what happens after the 22 days…We’ll see. And no, my boys are not joining me in this challenge.

Wish me luck!!!



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