Cold Seasons!

Cold Season

Cough is a general health problem which some times associated with itchy throat, congestion and chest pain. Cough occurs when there is a blockage in your throat or in the upper air passages. Coughing also caused by common cold, flu, viral infections, smoking and other health problems like lung cancer, asthma and tuberculosis. With out depending on the market drugs one can get relief from the cough through simple home made remedies.

 Home made remedies to cure cough


Get the fresh ginger and mash it slightly, add this to one cup of boiling water. Strain the solution and drink it. It gives you relief from continuous cough and congestion. Simply you can try chewing few ginger pieces to minimize cough symptoms.

 Milk and honey

Measure a glass of milk and boil it for few minutes, now add it one to two table spoons of honey. Stir it and sip. The analgesic properties of honey relieve cough. It not just helps to get relief from dry cough but also acts effective in reducing the chest pain accompanied by the cough. To get the ideal results, drink the honey flavored milk before going to bed.

Alternatively try consuming plain honey in the early morning on empty stomach to clear the mucus and to soothe the throat.


Mix a table spoon of lemon juice with same quantity of honey and a pinch of cayenne powder. Swallow this mixture  for two to three times in a day. Lemon reduces the inflammation and offers vitamin C, which fights with the cough causing infections. Honey soothes your throat and reduces irritation in the tissues. Where as red pepper helps for the stimulation of circulation.

Alternatively add two table spoons of lemon juice with one table spoon of honey. Warm it for a minute or two. Take this syrup for as many times in a day. You can add small dose of onion juice to get the better benefits.


The various vitamins and minerals present in the carrots helps to get the relief from many encompassing symptoms of cough. Blend four or five carrots and extract the juice by adding some amount of water. Mix this juice a table spoon of honey to make it tasty. Drink for three to four times in a day to note the results.


Add one table spoon of honey, one table spoon of black pepper, turmeric and two cinnamon sticks to half cup of water. Boil this water and strain the solution. Drink this mixture daily until the symptoms come down.

Prepare out a herbal tea by boiling one cup of water which is added with one table spoon of turmeric powder and one table spoon of carom seeds. Boil the water until it becomes half a cup, now add this solution some amount of honey and drink it.


Grind a medium sized onion and retrieve the juice from it, add a table spoon of this juice to one table spoon of honey and drink it. This remedy reduces your cough and its associated throat problems. Inspired by Health tips.



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