Back To Daycare

Hope you had a great long weekend. Happy September and back to school/Daycare Janice Adore readers! My mini me’s first day back to daycare went really well…for him. He did not cry, he was happy to see his friends (same from last year) and teachers. There was a few kids crying or should I say screaming for their mothers and I could help but feel a little sad for them. Although mini me was perfectly happy to be back at daycare I cried for hours after I dropped him off. He is a beautiful, sweet, independent little man, he understand…speaks almost 2 languages and I am so proud of him. As it is back to school well back to daycare… I’ll share one of his favorite outfits Boys Size 18m-10y: (Fine-knit jumper $ 12.95; Cotton shirt $ 14.95; Chinos $ 17.95; Basketball shoes $ 14.95;  Reefer jacket $ 49.95)

You can purchase this outfit at H&M | H&M CA


5 thoughts on “Back To Daycare

  1. My kids went back to school yesterday. Two are in high school, one in daycare and it has not been easy for me. I worry sick since they are in different schools. Only mothers and fathers can understand what we are going through! Thanks for sharing your story.

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